Stefan Steigerwald Messermacher


  • Knife Maker Show, Solingen, Germany: „Knife of the year 2004“
  • Brno Knife Show, Czech Republic: „Best of show 2005“
  • Knife magazine, choice by readers: Switchblade knife„Knife of the year 2005“”
  • BKS show, Gembloux, Belgium: „Best stock-removal 2006“
  • International Weapon Expo, Nuremberg, Germany: International Knife Award 2011”
  • BKS show, Gembloux, Belgium: „Best of show 2011“
  • Knife Maker Show, Solingen, Germany: “Knife of the year 2012”


  • Fancy Knives: Materials and Decorative techniques“, publishing
  • houseMotorbuch (German, English, Russian)with Ernst-Siebeneicher-Helwig
    Created in cooperation with Peter Fronteddu, publishing house Wieland
  • „Pocket Knife Making for Beginners“(German, English)
  • „The Lockback Folding Knife“(German, English)
  • „The Liner-Lock Knife“
  • „Making Integral Knives“(German, English)
  • „Knife Sharpening Made Easy“(German, English)

His knives are shown in trade magazines, calendars and illustrated books.