Stefan Steigerwald Messermacher
Stefan Steigerwald, born in 1968 in Nuremberg, found his way into making knives by chance. An advertisement in a weapon magazine promoted this hobby. To satisfy his curiosity and to cover his own personal knife needs, he produced the first self-made knives in 1989.  At first, he worked with a very few tools, slowly enhancing his collection over the years which culminated in a well-sorted mechanical workshop. At that time, books and instructions were scarce. He learned many tricks and procedures used by renowned knifemakers in his neighbourhood and elsewhere.

Participation at many shows and exhibitions, as well as new-  also international - acquaintances and memberships in the German Knife Makers Guild DMG, BKS(Belgium Knife Society) and MAK (Methods and Applications Collegium) followed.Book projects, prototype construction, shows – all that required a lot of time. A lucky turn of events made the way to self-employment easier in 2002. Knifemaker Alfred Dobner made an offer allowing him to take over the “ Knifeworkshop Dobner“, a business also specialising in knife materials.

Having subsequently turning his hobby into a career, he could now more intensively occupy himself with the subject and thereby further improve his quality. Basically he makes unique pieces, unusual knife variations, technical gimmicks with floral „bio-mechanoid “design“ to reduced clear styling. Each of his knives has a high recognition factor and they can be found today in collections world-wide.


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